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Local San Clemente churches will gather at 12:00 noon, May 3, 2012 for the 61st Annual Observance of the National Day of Prayer. This year’s event will be held at the Community Center located at 100 N. Calle Seville, San Clemente, California.

The first National Day of Prayer was held by the First Continental Congress in 1775 when the colonies were asked to pray for wisdom in forming a nation. In 1952, a joint resolution by Congress, signed by President Truman, declared an annual, National Day of Prayer. In 1988, the law was amended and signed by President Reagan, permanently setting the day as the first Thursday of every May.

This year’s event sponsored by the Pastor’s Fellowship of South Orange County, also known as Pastor’s Together. Participating churches and non-profit organizations include Heritage Christian Fellowship, The Shoreline Church, Cornerstone Christian Fellowship, St. Michael’s Charismatic Episcopalian Church, Living Hope Christian Fellowship, South Coast Church International, Worship Life Calvary Chapel San Clemente, Pastoral Training in Asia and Pacific Coast Church. Also included will be Jake Williams representing the United States Marine Corps.

“As Americans, we are granted the God ordained right of freedom of speech and religion. The National Day of Prayer is a time for all praying people to call upon God with one voice, at one time for one thing. We want to see God’s will done on Earth as it is in heaven. So then, let us pray. It really does make a difference!”
Ron Sukut, Senior Pastor, Cornerstone Christian Fellowship

“The National Day of Prayer is a day set aside to join with millions of other Americans to humble ourselves before God and pray for His guidance and blessing on our nation. We come together as one church, followers of Jesus Christ, to seek God.”
Roger Gales, Senior Pastor, Heritage Christian Fellowship

“Now more than ever in our history as a nation, we need to come together as those of true faith and cry out to the Creator of the universe to guide us, help us, forgive us, restore us, awaken us and lead us forward! It is not political leaders that will change a nation, but a nation of men and women of prayer that intercede on behalf of their leaders.”
Chris Smith, Senior Pastor, South Coast Church International

“Abraham Lincoln said, ‘I have been driven many times to my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had absolutely no other place to go.’ I believe with the challenges that our nation is facing on a leadership level, economically and spiritually we have absolutely no other place to go than to God.”
Holland Davis, Senior Pastor, Worship Life Calvary Chapel San Clemente

For more information on the San Clemente National Day of Prayer Event visit pastorstogether.com.

For more information on the National Day of Prayer visit nationaldayofprayer.org.

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