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The first Worship Leader’s Together was a great success. We had approximately 200 in attendance for the Night of Worship and 75 in attendance for the Conference the following day.

Our Night of Worship was led by Andrew Enos (Calvary Chapel Wrightwood), Chris Lizotte (Vineyard Christian Fellowship) and Holland Davis (Worship Life Calvary). Devotions on worship were given by Pastor’s Roger Gales from Heritage Christian Fellowship and Neil Travisano from Calvary Chapel Mission Viejo.

The Worship Conference offered the following workshops…
Audio taught by Chris Taylor (Crossline Church audio engineer and former instructor at USC)

Vocals taught by Emily Gomez (Choir director Saddleback Church and vocalist with the TV show GLEE)

Songwriting and Arranging for Worship Team taught by Tony Guerrero (Producer, Music Director Saddleback Church)

Preparing For Worship and Worship Administration taught by Holland Davis (Author of Let It Rise: A Manual For Worship and former director of the School of Worship at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa and Calvary Chapel Music)

There were three main sessions. The first main session was on Friendship with God taught by Pastor Holland Davis from Worship

The second main session was a pastor’s panel where questions like what do you expect from a worship leader, what do you consider anointed, what do you do to support your worship leader and is a worship leader a pastor or musician were answered. Pastor’s included on the panel were Neil Travisano (Calvary Chapel Mission Viejo), Fred Elsasser (Church In The Park), Steve DeNicola (Calvary Chapel Foothill Ranch)

The third main session was a worship leader panel where questions like how do you balance the demands of family and ministry, what do you need from your pastor to be successful, the issue of paying musicians and using unbelievers in ministry were answered. The Worship Leader Panel consisted of Andy Allen (The Station), Gary Rea (Heritage Christian Fellowship), Stephanie Blair (Calvary Chapel Foothill Ranch).

The beauty of the conference is it was taught by local instructors, led by local worship leaders for the purpose of giving practical answers for real questions that local worship leaders are asking. While most conferences bring in nationally named artists that only leave local worship leaders feeling like they wish they had a band like that, this conference created a foundation for a network of communication where local leaders could share ideas, encourage each other and learn from each other. Attendees felt it was the most valuable conference they had been to in years. The favorite sessions were the panels where raw, real and honest questions were asked – the kind of questions we wished we could ask, but don’t ask.

The workshops were very fast paced. 30 minutes each. There was a sense that the workshops should have been a little longer. There were others that loved the short sessions because it gave them what they needed in a concise format which led to the conference ending early enough for them to enjoy their day.

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